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At Rigby Jones we understand that every industry has its unique requirements and that flexibility is key. Our business process is built to best serve the needs of our clients. We work smart and always go the extra mile to meet your expectations.
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Rigby Jones specialises in the supply of custom steel components in mild steel, quench and tempered steel, corten and stainless steel as well as aluminium of all grades.

The quality of our steel and our workmanship is paramount. All of our steel is supplied to Australian Standards, and our work is ISO 9001 certified. With a depth of experience and industry knowledge, our team understands the specific material requirements unique to different sectors.

As a proud member of the Southern Steel Group the majority of the steel we source and supply is Australian. Sourcing the best steel for the job is important to us and we have excellent long-term relationships with first-rate suppliers worldwide. You can rest assured that we always source the correct grade of material for your components.

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When it comes to planning, we work with you to gain a full understanding of the scope of your project. This ensures we can tailor a solution that delivers the optimum outcome.

The planning process stipulates tolerances, samples and every detail of your project. We assess your drawings and provide recommendations on how a component is best pressed, cut or shaped.

Our state of the art design software is integrated with our metal cutting and forming capability to meticulously plan and program every project. Our highly skilled programming team will identify potential problems before we move to production.

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We’re experts in the processing of your custom designed component, to meet specifications and tolerance, in our purpose built factory boasting some of the largest plate processing equipment in NSW.

We are able to press thick materials and process extra long lengths.

And our extensive tooling capability that allows us to achieve highly complex steel bending, folding and cutting. We also have the capacity to create custom tools for your project.

Our world-class laser and plasma cutting technology cuts standard steels and non-ferrous materials across a range of thicknesses. We have one of the biggest laser cutters in Australia and our Hyperformance Plasma systems deliver high productivity and precision results.

Specialised nesting software allows us to process materials of similar thicknesses and tolerances together to minimise waste, increase throughput and ensure every project is produced cost effectively.

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Your project has been completed to your specifications and lead time. Now we package your components and parts ensuring they are well protected so they arrive in pristine condition.

As an ISO 9001 standard accredited company, we guarantee the quality of every component we process. Final ISO and quality checks are performed before your components are packaged for delivery.

Each project is fully documented and managed via our QMS and ERP systems to ensure precision and consistency.

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