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Two men working together operating the steel machine

It’s in our blood

We have a saying at Rigby Jones – steel is in our blood. And there’s a reason for that. We’ve been supplying quality steel and delivering custom processing to Australian industries for over two generations.

Established in 1960, we’ve built our reputation on the highly specialised work we achieve for our clients. And as experts in steel, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an honest evaluation and custom solution for your project. Our extensive in-house capability and expertise allow us to push the boundaries when it comes to the cutting and forming of steel.

Old Steel presser machine inside a factory

All under one big roof

Job in shop – it’s the trade term for all under one roof. And at Rigby Jones, ours is a mighty big roof.

In fact, we have the largest plate processing capacity in NSW. We specialise in complex cutting and forming of mild steel, quench and tempered steel, corten steel, stainless steel and aluminium of all grades.

Matched with our years of in-house expertise, it guarantees the best service and results for our clients.

So if you need an extra-long truck side pressed in one piece, we have the steel forming machines to do it. Maybe it’s intricate metal components for a show-stopping architectural installation. Then we have the cutting machines to meet your requirements.

Or perhaps you simply want the assurance that your components will be made to specification and delivered on time. Whatever your requirements, at Rigby Jones all your supply and steel processing requirements are met under one roof.

Man operating a heavy presser for steel

Experts in steel

Our processing capability is matched by our in-house expertise. At Rigby Jones, we use state of the art design software integrated with our metal cutting and forming capability to deliver superior quality and accuracy.

Our expert CAD team works with clients to deliver solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We provide recommendations on how a component could be pressed, cut or shaped for a better outcome. And we use specialised nesting software to minimise waste and maximise value.

Our highly skilled team and honed processes ensure we identify problems before we move to production. Our team is committed to quality at every stage of your project.

Cylinder steel placed in a presser

Australian steel

At Rigby Jones, we know steel. And we only source the best.

The majority of the steel we source and supply is Australian. We proudly support our local mills because we believe in their commitment to producing a quality home-grown steel.

The quality of our steel and our workmanship are paramount. All of our steel is supplied to Australian standards, and our work is ISO 9001 certified. In addition, we take great measures to minimise waste and maximise value for you using our state of the art nesting software.

We have excellent long-term relationships with first-rate suppliers worldwide. You can rest assured that we will always source the correct grade of material for your components – from here in Australia or overseas.

Factory of Steel supplies

Humble beginnings

Rigby Jones was established in 1960, in the Sydney suburb of Ryde. Back then it was just two partners and a small sheet metal business.

By the early 90’s the business had grown significantly, relocating to Western Sydney and employing 140 people, working across three shifts.

Rigby Jones was well known in the steel industry as one of the largest engineering businesses in NSW, having the largest guillotining and bending capacities to service their customers.

As our business grew, we built our reputation on our expertise in plasma and oxy-fuel profile cutting, heavy tonnage pressings and plate rolling.

In 2000, the Southern Steel Group purchased the business for its steel processing capabilities and expertise – and ceased fabrication.

Today, as proud members of the Southern Steel Group, we specialise in complex steel cutting and forming. Our purpose-built steel processing factory boasts the largest plate processing capacity in NSW.

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At Rigby Jones, your supply and steel processing requirements are met under one roof. Find out more about our capability.


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