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Superior capability

At Rigby Jones, we have extensive experience servicing the Australian mining industry. With the largest in-house plate processing capacity in NSW, our capability in cutting and pressing heavy steel plate is ideal for the repair and manufacture of heavy mining machinery.

Fast and flexible, we are adept at tight turnarounds to meet the demanding schedules of the mining industry. Whatever your requirements, we guarantee quality, precision work delivered on time to your specifications.

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Exceptional workmanship and quality steel

Rigby Jones has built a reputation on the quality of our work and the steel we supply. We only source and process the quality steel best suited to your requirements. All of our steel is supplied to Australian standards, and our work is ISO 9001 certified.

Our processes ensure quality and lead times are always met. We integrate state of the art design software with our metal cutting and forming capability to deliver superior quality, accuracy and productivity.

We use specialised nesting software to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. Whatever your requirements, at Rigby Jones all your supply and steel processing requirements are met under one roof. Read our case study about how we work with our clients in the mining industry.

Steel heavy presser shaped a cylinder steel

Extra-heavy pressing

Working with heavy grade steel requires a specialised capability. We have a total of five brake presses ranging from 250 to 1250 tonne in capacity. Our extensive onsite tooling library ensures increased flexibility, boosting our productivity and delivering a cost-effective solution for every project.

We are able to drill and countersink quench and tempered steel to meet specifications and guarantee quality and integrity. We also have the capacity to build custom-made tooling for specialised section forming.

Curved steel plate inside a warehouse

VAUTID Wear Plate

Rigby Jones & VAUTID, the world’s leading system specialist in wear protection, have joined forces to bring a highly abrasion resistant, composite overlay wear plate to the Australian market.

Designed for highly wear resistant hardfacing the VAUTID wear plate is an efficient solution that makes extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces a reality.

VAUTID wear plates are perfect for protecting larger areas or overcoming wear problems in self-supporting fabrications and plant components.

VAUTID’s exemplary German manufacturing together with Rigby Jones’ expertise make this composite overlay wear plate ideal for applications across mining, quarrying and coal and power stations.

Plate size: 1400mm x 2900mm Other thickness combinations available and plates can be welded together to allow for larger sections to be supplied.

Expert men working on a big steel haul

Trust the experts

Our clients tell us they keep coming back because they know when they work with Rigby Jones the parts they receive are exactly what they order.

Our steel parts and components are tough and most importantly they work… and there’s a reason for this.

We’ve built a team of experts who understand exactly what our clients need and we work with you to deliver solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our team is committed to quality at every stage of your project – from our customer facing team members, who have years of industry experience, through to the deep technical knowledge of our programming team and our highly skilled tradesmen on the factory floor.

Yellow Haul truck body inside a warehouse

Our prefabrication service specialises in unique and heavy plate pressings for a huge range of mining machinery and equipment, including:

Supply of cut, formed and processed steel plate and quench and tempered wear plate for:

  • Haul truck bodies, liners and wear parts in Q&T
  • Drag line buckets
  • Stacker/reclaimer components including booms and buckets
  • Dozer blades and body components
  • Drill rigs – both surface and underground pressed sections for maintenances and repair
  • Underground mine equipment, including heavy lift equipment such as LHD buckets, grader blades, man transport vehicles, longwall components, chock and shearer carrier repairs
Cylinder steel with holes

Supply of cut, formed and processed special steel plate grades for use in processing plants and equipment:

  • Chutes
  • Pressed square to round tapered reducers and cone sections
  • Large diameter pipe and bends including scalloped type
  • Manufacture of feed sumps and feed bins
  • Lining for ROM bins, TLO feed bins and other bins
  • Linings for processing equipment including breaker feeders and crushers
  • Components for vibrating screens
  • Components for hydrocyclone bodies, launders and associated structure
  • Pump bases and associated pressed steel sections
  • Diesel pump skids, Q&T wear strips, canopies and pressed component sections

Supply of cut, formed, rolled and processed steel plate grades for use in other mining applications, including:

  • Ventilation shaft relines
  • Ventilation fan components
  • Steel tanks for fuel cells and fuel storage

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