Quality Steel Supply & Prefabrication: How Rigby Jones Services the Australian Mining Industry

Rigby Jones has a long track record of servicing the Australian mining industry. Quality is the hallmark of our work and the steel we supply. But it’s our unrivalled capability that places us in a unique position to deliver outstanding prefabrication work directly to mining companies and supporting industries.

We spoke with one of our valued clients, a leading fabricator of heavy mining equipment, together with our own Andrew Burgess to find out exactly how Rigby Jones goes the extra mile for our clients.

Machine lifting a big steel

Heavy steel pressing

Rigby Jones has the largest plate processing capability in NSW, and the ability to press heavy plate steel is an efficiency that works well for our mining industry clients.

“It’s the efficiency that makes a big difference. When we remove a section of steel that needs to be pressed or rolled, Rigby Jones has machines and the skills to get it done quickly. It makes it cost-effective for us and our clients.” – Rigby Jones client.

When it comes to heavy steel pressing, we have the right machines for the job.

Our brake press machines have up to 1250 tonne bending capacity. This is ideal for applications where robust repairs are required, such as the repair of haul truck bodies, dragline buckets and digger buckets for the mining sector.

“At Rigby Jones, we supply a prefabrication service for unique pressings and heavy plate pressings and that takes away the risk for our clients. They can simply install the repair plate straight into their project with little or no rework.” – Andrew Burgess, Rigby Jones.

Machine for flattening a steel

Quality steel and service

Superior capability and meeting guaranteed lead times are integral to our service, but there is one factor that has always set Rigby Jones apart, and that’s our commitment to quality.

“We use Rigby Jones because we know it’s always quality work. When we put in an order, we know it’s going to turn up on time and it’s going to be exactly as we requested.

We’ve never sent anything back or given negative feedback; it’s been great.” – Rigby Jones client.

As a proud member of the Southern Steel Group, Rigby Jones uses quality steel, with the majority of the steel supplied from Australian mills. All of our steel is supplied to Australian standards, and our work is ISO 9001 certified.

Having the right machines for the job is essential, but achieving the right outcomes requires the skills of an expert team. Our tradesmen are specialists in steel bending, cutting and processing and are highly skilled at processing large-scale work, including extra-long lengths and heavy pressings.

“I was a Rigby Jones customer before I worked for the company, so I’ve experienced the quality of the workmanship first hand. Not everybody can press up heavy quench and tempered plates; it’s hard to do. It’s a bit of an art form, especially when you’re looking at pressing a transition piece that goes from a square to round and tapered. And there are people down at Rigby Jones who can do that very very well.” – Andrew Burgess, Rigby Jones.

Heavy pressing machine for a steel

Experts in steel

And with our expertise comes great advice. With over 60 years of experience, we know steel and we only source the best. As Andrew explains, his years working in the mining industry before joining Rigby Jones means he has a depth of knowledge that serves his clients well.

“We understand our clients’ needs, what they’re are looking for and how to provide those solutions. We will recommend steel types that will improve wear life. We will recommend steel grades that will improve the reliability of plant equipment.

Anything that does that for a mining client is highly valued. If they can increase time between shutdowns and make equipment last longer, it reduces their maintenance costs.” – Andrew Burgess, Rigby Jones.

Our team can provide recommendations on how a component could be pressed, cut or shaped for the best and most cost-effective outcome. Plus, we use state of the art design software integrated with our metal cutting and forming capability and specialised nesting software to minimise waste and maximise value. Our team is committed to quality at every stage of your project.

“The team at Rigby Jones is always talking to us and supporting us. The communication is great.” – Rigby Jones client.

Fast and flexible with unrivalled capability, we are adept at tight turnarounds to meet the demanding schedules of the mining industry. Our prefabrication service specialises in unique and heavy plate pressings for a huge range of mining machinery and equipment, including the supply of cut and formed plate, quench and tempered wear plate for heavy machinery, plant equipment and many other mining applications. We are also the exclusive Australian suppliers of VAUTID wear plate. Designed for highly wear resistant hardfacing, the VAUTID wear plate is an efficient solution that makes extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces a reality.

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